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 UCCNC Software

The UCCNC is a machine control software. It uses and external hardware to generate signals to produce coordinated motion on upto 6 machine axis. The external hardware is a motion controller device which is currently our UC100, UC300, UC300ETH or UC400ETH motion controller.

Key features:

  • Supports the UC100, UC300, and UC400ETH motion controllers.
  • Controls machines up to 6-axis.
  • RS274 G and M codes execution.
  • An unlimited number of user text macros with flexible script engine.
  • Up to 400kHz operation. (selectable 25kHz, 50kHz, 100kHz, 200kHz, 400kHz with 20us, 10us, 5us, 2.5us and 1.25us pulse widths.) Note: Maximum step frequency depends on the motion controller device used.
  • Exact stop and cont.velocity interpolations with highly configurable advanced look-ahead function.
  • G54..G59 work offsets and G52/G92 temporary offset.
  • 3D toolpath viewer.
  • OpenGL screen optimized for fast screen update rates with low CPU/GPU usage.
  • Built-in visual screen editor.
  • 48 configurable hotkeys.
  • 48 configurable inputs trigger to assign physical input pins to UCCNC function calls.
  • 48 configurable outputs trigger to assign virtual LEDs to physical output pins.
  • Parametric programming using internal variables and programming mathematical expressions.
  • Controls THC control for plasma cutters. (M205 and M206 macros) 
  • Screensets for mills and plasma cutters.
  • Modbus TCP, RTU and ASCII communication support via Modbus plugin.
  • M10/M11 macros for fast synchronous outputs for laser cutting applications.
  • G33 and G76 synchronous thread cutting with free running spindle and encoder feedback to the motion controller.
  • G33.1 and G33.2 rigid tapping with Z-axis syncronized to the spindle motor.
  • Supports wired MPGs and the UCR200 wireless via the plugin.
  • Built-in basic CAM module with DXF files import.
  • Stopless smooth backlash compensation with adjustable backlash acceleration.
  • Plugin interface with Visual C# example plugin template. The plugin works with C#, VB, C++ programming languages.
  • Fast laser scan type engraving plugin, web camera plugin, Xbox360 controller plugin, 3D printer plugin etc..
  • Fast communication with optimized buffering technic producing low button press to event execution time.
  • Extremely low jitter on the step and direction signals for smooth, high speed and precise motors operation.
  • Runs in the demo (simulation mode) without a software license key.
  • Compatible OP systems: Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1,10 on all both 32 and 64bit versions.

Since the UCCNC licenses are tied to the device's serial number (S/N). In case of purchase the license separately, the customer needs to provide a correct serial number in the comment box before checking out.

 Downloads for this product:

1.) User's manual
2.) UCCNC software installer
3.) Software requirements (required for XP only.)

Video tutorials:

 1.) UCCNC software installation video

2.) UCCNC setup with Mach3 .xml profile import

3.) UCCNC software toolpath demonstration

4.) Creating a basic toolpath with VCarvePRO and exporting the code to the UCCNC software



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