DC2DC-12V Module


The 12V DC2DC* module is an external power source for “AnaSpeed”, the PWM analog circuit. With this module, it can generate a voltage up to 11.8V. However, this can be reduced to 10V by adjusting the settings in the control software.

In UCCNC, the maximum voltage can be adjust by changing the  PWM max duty %. If you are seeing 11.8V at 100% PWM duty, reducing the max duty to 85% would give you approximately 10V.
(11.8V x 0.85) = 10V

In Mach3, the pulley Max Speed setting (found in Config > Spindle Pulleys) controls the max PWM. To reduce the output voltage from 11.8V to 10V, you would increase the Max Speed by 11.8V/10V, or 1.18x. For a 24,000 RPM spindle, you would enter a Max Speed of 24,000 x 1.18, or 28,320.

You may need to adjust this up or down slightly to fine tune the actual output.

  • 0.25 Watt,
  • 5v input 12v output
  • isolated
  • unregulated single output
  • Continuous short-circuit protection
  • Isolation voltage: 1.5K VDC
*This 12V DC2DC module is sold as an option for following products.


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