Versatile Servo Drive VSD-XE

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Versatile Servo Drive VSD-E/XE (Evolution)

VSD-E & VSD-XE is a state of the art precision servo motor drive/controller for AC and DC servomotors and stepping motors. Possible control methods include position, velocity and torque modes. Built-in motion profiler enables simple point-to-point moves as well as continuous synchronous motion tracking.

VSD-E is perfectly matched to wide range of motors from 5 to 1500W, thanks to unique high dynamic range torque control (HDRT). Two independent current sensing ranges provide ultra low noise and high torque resolution, the most critical tool in position and velocity controls.

VSD-E features industry standard pulse/direction, quadrature, PWM and analog control inputs in addition to a device specific SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) protocol. Drive supports encoder & hall sensors feedback.

VSD-XE has the same technology equpped with machined high performance heatsink enabling higher continuous current ratings.

VSD-E & VSD-XE has been designed and manufactured in the northern Europe conforming the highest quality standards.

Motor compatibility

Every VSD-E/XE drive model supports all of the following motor types (software selectable)

Supported motors



  • Most AC/BLDC/DC and linear servo motors supported
  • Dual DC servo motor firmware available (DualDC)
  • True current control protects equipment and boosts responsiveness
  • Quiet and high stiffness operation by advanced torque control
  • 12-160 VDC supply voltage
  • 14A cont. 20A peak output for AC/BLDC motors
  • 18A cont. 40A peak output for brush DC motors
  • Reliability guaranteed by wide safety margins and quality components
  • Electrical & mechanical braking of motor in faults & disable
  • Fully automatic internal homing controller
  • Optimized for CNC and machine automation
  • Robust 200V 60A MOSFET power stage
  • Panel installation, 19" rack compatible. See example.
  • Drive setup made easy. See example (PDF).
  • Regenerative brake resistor output
  • Hard to kill: short circuit, over current, over temperature, I²t, over voltage and under voltage protections
  • Advanced positioning with acceleration limit and smoothing
  • Wide selection of control I/O's, see Connectivity.
  • Efficiency over 97% at full power
Note: specifications are subject to change

Advanced pulse input mode
VSD-E features an unique motion controlled pulse input mode (step/dir & quadrature) where smooth motion trajectories can be generated just by sending a short burst of position step pulses to drive.

This leads into the most effortless implementation of point-to-point applications from any PLC or embedded device eliminating the need of expensive motion controller. User may also adjust pulse scaling to match step commands to real world units, such as 1 µm or 0.1" while preserving smoothness.


The feature can aslo be disabled to use traditional pulse control mode. VSD-E accepts step pulse frequencies up to 3 MHz.


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