Ultra-Isolator Noise Suppressors


DAITO TOPAZ Ultra-Isolator Noise Suppressors
protect sensitive electronic equipment against electrical noise disturbances. These impediments, from sources such as lightning, utility network switching and the operation of electric motors, are the most prevalent and troublesome of all AC power disturbances. Noise signals that can affect electronic equipment occur approximately seven times more often than voltage fluctuations and blackouts combined. So it makes sense to give sensitive equipment the best protection available: an Ultra-Isolator Noise Suppressor.

Ultra-Isolator Noise Suppressors employ exclusive shielding technique that enables them to block all forms of electrical noise including RFI/EMI, over a broad range of frequencies, without
impeding the normal AC signal. These products can reduce a
6,000 volt spike to an insignificant 0.0030 volt. These high-voltage transients described in IEEE 587 A and B, contain enough energy to completely destroy electronic circuit components.

Applications for noise protection includes:
  • Computer equipment
  • Telecommunication systems
  • Process control equipment
Applications for reduction of leakage current and isolation includes:
  • Medical lab equipment
  • Production line test equipment
  • Research and development lab test equipment
มีคุณสมบัติแยกไฟ Isolator ในตัว
Rated Voltage (AC): 120/240Vac(50/60Hz)
Rated Power (AC): 250VA
Condition: ของมือสอง, ทำงานปกติ

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