PoBOB is a break out board for PoKeys57E works with Mach3/4, PoKeys57E can output step/dir signal to motor drivers because there is a built-in motion controller. It also can be used as input, output to Mach3/4 conjunction with other motion controller. For example motion commands are supplied by parallel port but has input, output through PoKeys57E, this increase the number of IO.

Other features, such as line receiver for encoder and MPG.  analog input / output,  keyboard matrix, LCD connection, etc.

PoBOB with Pokeys57E   communicate with computer thru an Ethernet which isolate beweet controller and computer. has great noise resistance.




  • With PoKeys57E as a heart work with software Mach3 Mach4, able to run on Windows XP, Win7, Win8 both 32 and 64 bit, compatible with PC Notebook and Desktop.
  • Mach3 signal generator with step / dir 125khz speed of four channels for the X, Y, Z, A.
  • Mach4 signal generator with step / dir 125khz 6-speed box for the X, Y, Z, A, B, C.
  • PC is connected to an Ethernet connection and far more resistant to noise.
  • Modular three separate power ground layer between the computer, PoKeys57E, the input output. All is not well on the way to power.
  • A single 24VDC power supply. (On the board with a power conversion circuit 5VDC 2 sets), the space-saving installation and rollout bearing wires. Easy to fire into the cabinet industry.
  • A circuit analog Speedway (AnaSpeed) to connect the inverter to adjust the speed of the spindle from Mach3 / 4 directly - a unique analog circuit part is to act as a volume on the inverter and. split (split separate power ground) from other parts of the board, but connected by optical signals (opto), so grounding of the inverter does not touch the ground, the board makes a direct signal. Interference from the inverter can not connect to the board PoBob from this point.
  • A charge-pump circuit to output devices such as spindle motors and other work by the Mach3 / 4 is not ready to work.
  •  14 input channels, an isolated 24 VDC power level used to make durable, resistant to interference, making it capable of PoKeys57E we connect the input to the various buttons on the screen of Mach3 / 4 directly.
  • Input X10- X14 is designed to receive signals from external devices such as Alarm. Servo drives, inverters.
  •  Output 17 channels, is isolated by the Y1-Y15 is the NPN transistor drive 100mA to the load size 5, 12, 24 VDC directly, the ability PoKeys57E we connect the output to the Output signal and. LED's Mach3 / 4 directly.
  • Output Y16, Y17 relay with a touch NO, NC.
  • A Differential line receiver 8 channel encoder, a glass scale encoder in, MPG winch has four options, the ability of PoKeys57E cause us to show the position of Encoder on Mach3 / 4 directly to use. this work allows us to take a position PoBob DRO for a milling machine and lathe.
  • The mounting holes and a 4x20 character LCD screen for displaying information in the Mach3 / 4 (LCD connector and must be ordered as an optional extra).
  • A TTL signal to be more like PoKeys57E connected input output General, Matrix keyboard, MPG etc.

* note


  • The ability of the software differ depending on the capabilities of PoKeys57E Plugin developed by PoLabs (CNCRoom representative in Thailand).
  • The current plug-in does not support port threading in Mach3.
  • The current plug-in software and software configuration routers are seen as PoKeys57E PoKeys56E by PoKeys57E to qualify as PoKeys56E but with more memory.

The package NOT includes



  • PoKeys57E board . ( You need to find one. )
  • Ethernet cable.
  • Power supply 24V 3Amp.


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