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A NextStep® microstepping drive incorporates all the standard features you expect from a competitive, world class motor/drive package and much more, all at a competitive price. IDC has taken step motor performance to a new level of innovation providing performance enhancements, convenience, and quality resulting in genuine value. The NextStep ’s revolutionary design consumes significantly less panel space than other fully packaged systems, delivers an industry leading 17 Watts/in3, is designed for long life and durability, and most important, the NextStep increases your system’s throughput to levels previously unachievable using open-loop positioning systems.

NextStep® in Functionality and Flexibility
• Operates from standard line voltages of 120 VAC
• Accepts step & direction
• Descriptive tri-color diagnostic LEDs
• Eight user-selectable drive from 5000 resolutions of up to 50,000 steps/rev with additional resolutions optional
• Achieves peak step motor performance from the motor supplier of your choice
– 160 VDC bus voltage (120version) with selectable motor current setting of up to 7.9 amps
– Available with high torque 17, 23, 34, & 42 frame step motors
– Adjustable motor current waveform for optimal smoothness, and step to step accuracy
• Built in regenerative circuit safely dissipates energy from large inertial loads

NextStep® in Innovation
• The microstepping industry’s first Auto-Adjusting Current Loop delivers more torque at higher speeds for a better speed/torque curve (see Figure 3)
• The NextStep®'s proprietary Anti- Resonance circuitry provides optimum motor performance throughout the entire speed  range resulting in:
– The best throughput available in a stepper drive/motor package
– Less motor vibration and more usable torque
– Highest acceleration/ deceleration rates possible from the Step Motor (see Figure 2)
– Overall better Speed/Torque curves delivering more torque at higher speeds (see Figure 3)
– Smoother performance throughout the entire motion profile
• Internal Cooling Tunnel keeps drive electronics cool and clean for long life (Patent in progress) Torque Velocity Step Motor Stall Curve (published curve) Conventional Step Motor System Usable Torque/Speed Curve (50% sizing margin required) Step Motor System Usable Torque/Speed Curve
• The NextStep®’s efficient design allows it to be stacked together dramatically reducing panel space (see Figure 1)

The NextStep® in Quality
• certified
• Guaranteed to be reliable in unpredictable conditions: short circuit, over temperature, under voltage, and motor regenerative energy protected
• IDC’s innovative internal cooling tunnel keeps drive electronics cool & clean for many years of reliable operation and performance
• The user selectable REST switch reduces motor current when your drive is powered, but not in use, reducing both the drive and motor temperature
• The NextStep® uses the latest in surface mount technology and energy efficient hybridized power circuitry
Figure 2. Higher acceleration rates and operating speeds result in better cycle times, higher through-put and better productivity.
Figure 3. The NextStep® drive provides more usable torque from a given motor than any other microstepping drive on the market today, and generates a significantly better speed/torque curve than conventional step motor systems. and the NextStep® in Value!
• Dollar for Dollar, square inch for square inch, the best throughput available in a stepper drive/motor package
• Designed for quick and easy installation & operation
• Built in power supply and compact design saves the user time and valuable panel space
• Accessible and removable screw terminal connectors for easy wiring
• Removable connectors are conveniently located on top and bottom of drive for clean panel layout
• Compact design and “stack ability” minimizes required panel space (see Figure 1)
• Best Drive Power Density in the Microstepping Industry!


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