The UD1 is a daughter input board for the UB1 and CNCdrive's 5LPT motherboard. It utilizes parallel input port LPT4 and LPT5 of both motherboards. Since the UD1, UB1 and 5LPT follows the standard PC parallel port for their pin layout, the UD1 can also be used as an isolation input board for those products that follow standard PC parallel ports as well.

The UD1 comes in 2 versions: The universal input type (U-Type) and the NPN input type (N-type). The U-type able to handle various types of inputs including source (PNP) and sink (NPN), at 5V and 24V DC voltage. It also can be used with AC voltage as well. On the other hand, The N-Type is limited to connect with sink (NPN) at 5V and 24V DC voltage only.

Specification and Features:

  • (N-Type model) 26 isolated inputs which are separated into 4 groups. Each group has its own common pin for selecting NPN type for 5V, 24V DC voltage.
  • 6 transistor sink outputs, which accept both high and low active initial state from motherboards.
  • 2 onboard relays with NO/NC contacts.
  • A charge-pump circuit is provided. This helps the user to form a safety interlock condition between controller and devices.
  • A single 24Vdc power supply is required.  There is a 5Vdc isolated and a non-isolated dc2dc converter on board, thus saving installation space and wiring.
  • LED status for all inputs and outputs. Makes it much easier to diagnose and trouble shoot.
  • Isolated power and ground between the PC, UC300ETH and I/O, which eliminates crossover noise and ground loop problems.
  • Polarity and over voltage protection (in conjunction with a fuse) for the 24Vdc power supply.
  • Spring terminals for quicker connecting and disconnecting of cables. They are resistant to vibration, so no more screws which have rattled loose and no more forgetting to tighten.
The package INCLUDES
  • 4 metal hex standoffs
  • DIY Linker PCB components kit.

The package does NOT include

  • UB1, 5LPT motherboard
  • IDC 26pin Female Ribbon Cable
  • Power supply 24V 3Amp.

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