TI Motor Control Kit


CAUTION: This equipment operates at high voltages and currents which can result in hazardous electrical shock. Please make sure you understand and follow all necessary safety precautions prior to purchasing and operating.

The High Voltage Motor Control and PFC Developer's Kit provides and easy, open source way to evaluate the Piccolo or Delfino microcontroller and TI analog in a high voltage environment. A single MCU controls the power factor correction(PFC) stage and the motor control stage. The PFC takes a line level AC input (~110 to ~240VAC) and outputs up to 750 watts of power, regulated by closed loop control. The motor driver stage can be driven from either the PFC or from a separate power stage and accepts up to 400V and outputs up to 1.5 kilo-watt of power. The motor driver stage can drive the most common types of three phase motors; AC induction, brushless DC, and permanent magnet synchronous motors. The microcontroller controls each type of motor using closed loop control (Trapezoidal, V/F, or FOC) using sensored and sensorless back-emf techniques.

All software, documentation, and hardware documents can be accessed by installing controlSUITE.
  • Support for AC Induction, Permanent Magnet AC Synchronous , Brushless DC Motor
  • Digital MCU power factor correction (PFC) and motor control integrated into one development platform
  • 1.5 KiloWatt motor driver stage
  • 750W power factor correction stage
  • Open source software for power factor correction stage
  • Open source software for control of all three motor types
  • Open source hardware, including schematics, BOM, and gerber files
  • Piccolo F28035 and Delfino F28335 controlCARD
  • GUI for quick out of box demonstration
  • Motors of each type available directly from TI.


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