Kenwood PR36-1.2A Regulated DC Power Supply


  • Low Ripple, Low Noise
  • Series Operation, Parallel Operation
  • OUTPUT ON/OFF Switching
  • CV/CC LED indicators
  • Floating Output Method
  • PR-A Series Parallel-Connected Operation
  • PR-A Series Optional Equipment
CV/CC Power Supplies with Low Ripple and Low Noise
Series regulation achieves extremely low ripple and noise, as well as excellent electrical characteristics.

Series Operation, Parallel Operation
Several power supplies can be connected in series to boost output voltage capability, or in parallel to boost output current capability.  In addition, with the parallel connection method, master-slave setup lets you control the output from just one of the connected supplies.

The output can be switched on and off with a switch on the front panel.

CV/CC LED Indicators
The green LED lights during CV operation and the red LED lights during CC operation.

Floating Output Method
Because the output terminals are floating, positive, negative, or COM grounding (PR30-3W) is possible.

Dual Tracking (PR30-3W)
Dual tracking is provided with the PR30-3W, enabling positive and negative voltages and currents to track from zero simultaneously when varied, providing positive and negative outputs with the same absolute value.  This tracking function can be disabled for individual setting of positive and negative values.


  • R&D.
  • System incorporation.
  • Production lines.
  • School and education.
  • Protection technology.
  • Aging.
-สินค้าชิ้นนี้เป็นสินค้ามือสอง, สภาพ 95%
-ใช้กับไฟ 100Vac (มีหม้อแปลงไฟ 100 Vac ขายต่างหาก)

Model PR18-1.2A PR18-3A PR18-5A PR36-1.2A
Output voltage  0 to 18 V 0 to 36 V

Output current

0 to 1.2 A 0 to 3 A 0 to 5 A 0 to 1.2 A
Voltage Regulation Characteristics
Line regulation  0.01%+2 mV 
(3.8 mV)
0.01%+2 mV 
(5.6 mV)
Load regulation 0.01%+2 mV 
(3.8 mV)
0.01%+2 mV 
(5.6 mV)
Ripple/noise  0.5 mVrms
Current Regulation Characteristics
Line regulation  2 mA
Load regulation 10 mA 15 mA 10 mA
Voltmeter 18 V

36 V

Ammeter 1.2 A 3 A 5 A 1.2 A
Power consumption VA/W  Approx. 60 VA/
Approx. 125 VA/
Approx. 200 VA/
Approx. 105 VA/
Case dimensions 
(W X H X D) mm
104 X 147 
X 186
104 X 147 
X 224
138 X 147 
X 239
104 X 147 
Weight 3.8 kg 5.7 kg 8.1 kg 4.4 kg

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