MB2 is a breakout board (BOB) for Ethernet SmoothSteppers (ESS). MB2 v1.5 continues to improve on functionality and components over its predecessor. MB2 is an industrial environment BOB, provides more convenient to make a connection, more robust to the noise and more features.

Specification and Features:
  • With ESS, Ethernet connection helps controller and drives located away from PC and has more noise resistant than USB and parallel port connection.
  • Run on Mach3 / Mach4 with Windows XP, Win7, Win8 both 32 and 64 bit, on both desktop and notebook computers.
  • New! Utilizes All 3 ports of ESS.
  • New! Motion command signal can be selected between Pulse/Sign, CW/CCW, Quadrature. Frequency can be selected from 32 KHz to 4 MHz.
  • New! Differential line driver for motion signals, makes a longer wiring with more resistant to interference when comparing to TTL open end.
  • New! Single 24Vdc Power supply is needed. On the board consist of 5Vdc isolate and non-isolate dc2dc converter, thus saving installation space and wiring.
  • New! OSSD outputs and safety circuit are implemented. When a peripheral device such as servo motor drive and/or spindle VFD causes alarm. Safety Circuit will disengage OSSD output. This method is used in big CNC machine to cut power out off the drives.
  • New! LED status for each input and output point including motion control signals. Makes it easy to diagnose the problem.
  • Isolated power and ground between PC, ESS, I/O, which eliminates crossover noise and ground loop problem.
  • New! Polarity and over voltage protection (in conjunction with fuse) for 24Vdc power supply.
  • AnaSpeed circuit is implemented - the circuit is isolated from MB2 itself, But be a part of VFD inverter and acts as a digital VR. High voltage noise of inverter can not interfere through this connection.
  • A charge-pump signal is provided. This helps users to form a safety interlock condition among controller and devices.
  • 22 isolated input points, consist of 17 points of NPN and 5 points of PNP type.
  • 14 NPN isolated output points, sinks current up to 100mA for each channel (up to 500 mA per group, no short circuit protection).
  • 2 relay, with both NO, NC contact.
  • v1.5, Adding off delay time to on board relays for applications where off delay time are needed.
  • Spring terminal for quicker connecting and disconnecting cable and resists to vibration. No more screws loose and tightening forgotten.

The package INCLUDES
  • Ribbon cables for connecting ESS to MB2.
The package NOT includes
  • ESS board .
  • Ethernet cable.
  • Power supply 24V 3Amp.
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Configurator v1.1

Link to ESS Manufacturer
English tutorial

Youtube -Installation
ESS/MB2 Mach3 Thai
ESS/MB2 Mach4 Thai
ESS/MB2 Mach4 English by Craig Smith
Changing IP address of ESS

Youtube -Test
4 Mhz step frequency
256 Khz step frequency
Load and Current

Link to Product support
MachBob support forum


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